Published: Fri, December 01, 2017
Science | By Nancy Frank

When to watch the 2017 supermoon in New Orleans

When to watch the 2017 supermoon in New Orleans

As this point, it benefits from the "moon illusion", an optical trick in which it appears enormous when seen against the human-scaled environment.

If you miss this one, however, don't fret: The first two full moons of 2018 will be supermoons.

The previous supermoon was the closest to Earth since 1948, and we won't see another like that until 2034. But since the date didn't coincide with a full moon, it didn't qualify as a supermoon. On Sunday night, the moon should appear about 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter than usual, though astronomers caution it can be hard to notice the difference with the naked eye. Supermoons occur when the moon is full and closer to Earth than normal.

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The moon's average distance from the Earth is approximately 238,000 miles.

The best time to see the supermoon will be during the evening hours Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. If you choose to watch it live, check what local time you should tune in here. It will officially reach perigee the next day, December 4, at 3:45 a.m. ET when it is 222,135 miles away from Earth - almost 16,000 miles closer than it normally is throughout the year, reports.

It can be tough to snap a good shot of the moon, but equipment like a telephoto lens or an adaptor on a small telescope helps, Faherty said. The moon will appear about 7 percent bigger and 16 percent brighter than average. At this time, the moon also appears both bigger and brighter than it actually is.

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This supermoon won't be quite as special as last year's. Because it is the second full moon in one month, that January 31 moon will be known as a blue moon. Then adjust the exposure slider that appears next to your finger to get the right balance of light for your shot.

If you're taking pictures, please post them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #CNNWeather.

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