Published: Fri, December 01, 2017
Medical | By Rita Mcdonald

This year's flu vaccine only 10 percent effective, early estimate shows

This year's flu vaccine only 10 percent effective, early estimate shows

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, two people have died from the flu within the last week.

There are not any risks associated with developing a universal flu vaccine. The peak of flu season has occurred anywhere from late November through March.

"We are concerned we might have a bad flu season here as well", said Dr. Mohamed Rahman, a cardiologist at Wilson N. Jones hospital.

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However flawed though present day influenza vaccines represented a priceless public health tool, and getting vaccinated is the right step as compared to not getting vaccinated at all, the corresponding worldwide team of medical specialists accentuated, however, in the viewpoint.

Australia's 10 percent success rate is a major blow to the hopes of Americans lining up for flu shots this year.

Navarrette still suggests getting your flu shot to protect yourself and your family. The vaccine is made from genetically-engineered proteins. The vaccine stimulates the body's immune system to make antibodies, which can recognize and attack that specific strain of virus inside the body.

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The flu vaccine used this year in Australia - which has the same composition as the vaccine used in the US - was only 10 percent effective, according to a preliminary estimate, at preventing the strain of the virus that predominantly circulated during the country's flu season, an global team of medical experts wrote in a perspective published today in The New England Journal of Medicine. Among the most at risk for complications from the flu include seniors over 65 years old, children under age five, and pregnant women.

"The flu season is building", Bregier said. If so, it would extend a run of bad luck that began in 2014, when the available flu vaccines proved to be a poor match for the most common viruses in circulation. In short, prevention is always better than cure; the best defense against the flu is to get an annual flu vaccine.

Myth 2. You can't spread the flu when you don't feel sick.

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"Just because it was the predominant strain in Australia six months ago doesn't mean it will be the predominant strain here", Dr. Charles Bregier, with Novant Health, said.

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