Published: Sat, December 02, 2017
Science | By Nancy Frank

Google bans most Android apps from displaying lockscreen ads

Google bans most Android apps from displaying lockscreen ads

"Those living on Wi-Fi or with large data plans may not notice, but for many users around the world data is like money to them so they budget it". Among everything else, the one aspect that seems to hit them the most is the often extreme measures users adopt to save on data.

Secondly, it also help users block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of the apps. Google has stated that the apps which do not adhere to its new Lockscreen Monetization policy would be removed from the Play Store.

Google on Thursday launched an app created to help Android phone users understand, control and save on their expensive mobile data.

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This app is great if you live in a country where mobile data is expensive, however, this is also a great option for those who want to micro-manage their mobile data usage irrespective of how expensive or cheap mobile data is in their country.

Further, the app will also provide the means to control your data usage in precisely the manner you would like it to be. "We've been testing Datally in the Philippines for the past few months, and people are saving up to 30 percent on their data". You will be prompted to enable connection request by blocking data using VPN.

I install a tonne of apps on my phone.

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Datally shows you how much data you've used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and alerts you when apps consume a lot of data. Since I was connected to my office Wi-Fi, I ended up saving around 21% mobile data. Moreover, you can see the list of all the apps and the data eaten by the relevant apps. If you see a public Wi-Fi spot, you can select it and it will give you directions via Google Maps. This way, you can connect to these hotspots and save a significant amount of mobile data.

Google also disclosed that they will be adding more features such as balance checking, balance expiration reminders in addition data usage warnings and controls in the next iteration of the app.

The Datally application has four key features such as the Data Saver, Data Server Bubble, Personalized Alerts and Wi-fi Finder.

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