Published: Fri, November 24, 2017
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Trump supporters confuse LeVar Burton for LaVar Ball on Twitter

Trump supporters confuse LeVar Burton for LaVar Ball on Twitter

LaVar's oldest son, Lonzo, is a rookie guard on the Lakers. He claimed to have helped his adult son. The UCLA Bruins were getting ready to play Georgia Tech in their season opener.

While in Asia on a foreign trip at the same time, Trump appealed to Chinese President Xi Jinping for their release back to the United States.

Since returning home, LiAngelo Ball has publicly expressed thanks to the president for his efforts. The three players board a flight back to Los Angeles.

Trump has been vocal about his expectations of gratitude from the basketball players ever since they were released from detainment.

The tweets come after Ball said Monday in an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo that he didn't know what the President had done to get his son and two other UCLA basketball players out of China. "They were headed for 10 years in jail!" All three players have been suspended from the team.

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LiAngelo Ball and two UCLA teammates were released after a brief detention in China while Trump was visiting the country. Ball responds by saying, "Who?What was he over there for?" Don't tell me nothing. "Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out", Ball told ESPN on Friday.

LaVar Ball - Actually played minor league football (World League of American Football). A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. I've seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. That adult son thanked him. However, his father has not, saying instead, "I don't have to go around saying thank you to everybody". Trump railed on Twitter Sunday. "I should have left them in jail!"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump's tweet was a rhetorical response to LaVar Ball's criticism. After their arrest, the three college basketball players were released on bail but were required to remain in their hotel in China until the legal process was over.

Hartmann also said that while Trump has found a high profile adversary in LeVar Ball, the feud doesn't focus attention on more substantive racial issues.

We can not tell you how demoralizing it is to have a @potus who jumps to fight LaVar Ball on Twitter, and "gets around" to a Navy aircraft crash a couple hours later.

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"Black athletes are showing that sports and politics are deeply interconnected", Carrington said, adding "In some ways, we should thank Donald Trump somewhat ironically for exposing this myth or this lie that sports and politics are somehow disconnected". "I would have said thank you kindly to that".

"Donald Trump. You're such a f**k".

Trump targeted LaVar Ball on Twitter again.

"Just think LaVar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during Thanksgiving with your son in China, but no National Basketball Association contract to support you", Trump continued.

LaVar Ball - A cast member on a Facebook reality show called "Ball in the Family". "It's a really big deal, especially in China", he wrote.

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This post will be updated as the saga continues.

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