Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
Science | By Nancy Frank

Potential T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Falls Apart

Potential T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Falls Apart

Just a few days after merger negotiations reportedly fell apart between Deutsche Telekom-backed T-Mobile SoftBank-owned Sprint, T-Mobile has reached out to Sprint with a revised offer, the Wall Street Journal reports. News of the merger falling through due to a breakdown in power management is not entirely shocking, given the massive dose of personality that CEO John Legere has injected into T-Mobile over his five year tenure; to lose any control over the company's management or image would nearly certainly break any talk of a merger, though it's still unclear exactly how things unfolded to lead to where we are today.

"T-Mobile does not need a merger with Sprint to succeed, but Sprint might need one to survive", Piecyk wrote in an October research note.

Because merger talks have been called off, USA wireless consumers will continue to benefit from competition among four nationwide carriers as T-Mobile and Sprint challenge market leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

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Failure to clinch an agreement leaves SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, a dealmaker who raised close to $100 billion for his Vision Fund to invest in technology companies, with the need to find another option for Sprint.

Sprint has sought to strengthen its balance sheet by cutting costs.

Previous attempts have been made to court T-Mobile, but they appear to have run into trouble with federal overseers. The company has also badgered rivals with its unlimited data plans. If the companies had struck a deal this year, they would have had a better chance of getting government approval under the Trump administration. Initially, the merger seemed to be a done deal.

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Legere said that T-Mobile has "been out-growing this industry for the last 15 quarters, delivering outstanding value for shareholders, and driving significant change across wireless".

Reports suggest that a major hurdle to the merger wasn't Sprint or T-Mobile directly, but rather the their ownership.

Deutsche Telekom representatives were believed to visit SoftBank's Masa Son this weekend, sources told CNBC.

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