Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
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OnePlus 5T Not To Accompany Wireless Charging; May Settle With Dash Charging

OnePlus 5T Not To Accompany Wireless Charging; May Settle With Dash Charging

In the previous week, it was officially confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau that the OnePlus 5T will be featuring a 3.5mm audio jack.

The OnePlus 5T will officially be announced on november 16, and Chinese phone maker OnePlus has confirmed that it won't have wireless charging. "All you need is the Dash Charge cable and adaptor to consistently power your device at a superior rate". Wireless charging pads, cases, tables, and lamps - these all add up if you want to charge on the go or outfit your home for true convenience, creating constraints for the user.

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However, after listening to what OnePlus has to say about their decision, we can't help but agree that it made more sense to not have wireless charging. However what is unclear is the pricing of the phone, which last we heard could be kept under $600, with some rumors suggesting that it could be priced the same as the OnePlus 5 whose base model starts at $479.

Lau added that the company will implement wireless charging technology when the customers are capable of accepting the feature. Interestingly, the company is not ready to come up with both the charging simultaneously, thereby opening two options for the users instead of discarding wireless charging as Gionee is doing for M7 Plus smartphone.

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The main reason Lau's team decided against wireless charging, however, is because of power consumption. OnePlus wanted to keep the OnePlus 5T the same price as the OnePlus 5, but it had to reuse materials to do so. Hence, the existing wireless charging technology is incapable of charging smartphones quickly. The technology has been around for a while, but has been generating a lot of buzz again because of its inclusion in the new Apple iPhones. Dash Charge makes that process a bit easier, by letting you top off your phone in a little over an hour from zero.

"You can't pick up your phone to game or take a photo while charging". I've had phones that have had it and seldom used it. Given present-day infrastructures, wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom. "We'll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right". TechRadar has claimed that a confidential documentation from carrier O2 confirmed that the identical price of the OnePlus 5T as that of the OnePlus 5.

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