Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
World Media | By June Phelps

U.S. to lose trust if Washington withdraws from Iran N

U.S. to lose trust if Washington withdraws from Iran N

She noted that the worldwide community, including the European Union and other USA allies, will continue to abide by the deal even if Trump chooses not to certify Iran's compliance, something which has been confirmed eight times by the global Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

If Trump decides to decertify Iran's compliance, as expected, Congress will have 60 days to decide whether to "snap back" sanctions that were lifted in exchange for curbs on Iran's nuclear program.

President Donald Trump is facing pressure from us and world leaders as several reports say he is expected to decertify the nuclear deal with Iran.

Doing so has kept the compliance with the accord, but because it's purely an issue of USA law, decertification does not matter for the deal itself.

On Friday, Trump is expected to unveil a broad strategy for Iran, including announcing that he will decertify the agreement ahead of an October 15 deadline, although he could always change his mind.

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However, progress on a means of calculating the UK's financial obligations - the " Brexit Bill" - seems much less likely. Jensen called for compromise, saying "this will never be a 100 percent win for one side or the other side".

Representative Ed Royce, Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the Trump administration should preserve the deal to protect United States national security, even though he opposed the deal at the time.

Zarif also told lawmakers that Iran "will never renegotiate" the deal, according to a report on the semi-official Fars news agency.

She pointed to other global agreements that the U.S. has abandoned but the rest of the world has remained committed to, including the Paris Agreement on climate change, and said, "What will happen would simply be that the USA will contravene a UNSC resolution and the rest of the world will stick to it".

"This is not a way of making deals, not in foreign policy, not in private businesses, and I think President Trump understands this perfectly well", she said.

Political observers have warned that any unilateral action by the United States based on unsupported claims of Iranian non-compliance would isolate Washington, impede future efforts for other nonproliferation agreements in the broader worldwide community and increase the likelihood of a wider conflict in the Middle East. Trump's strenuous opposition to the agreement forged by the Obama administration - which Trump criticized during the campaign as the worst deal ever - means any attempt to change the conditions would be interpreted by Tehran as an effort to blow it up. The agreement has been beneficial for Iran's economy, opening it to foreign markets and the global financial system, said Ahmad Khalid Majidyar, who previously taught Middle East issues to USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military leaders at the Naval Postgraduate School's Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace program.

Trump threatens to challenge media's broadcast licenses
The White House has previously confirmed that Trump's tweets are official statements from the president. Comcast was down almost 1% to 37.31 in late trading on the stock market today .

What follows after de-certification of deal? "We may have to array our forces to prepare for. calibrated strikes".

"Either the [nuclear agreement] will remain as-is, in its entirety, or it will no longer exist", Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said last month at the United Nations. He also wants to toughen language on ballistic missiles and inspections. If those sanctions are put back into place, the JCPOA would be considered breached.

Decertifying the deal doesn't end the agreement, but is seen as the first step toward a full dismantling as it kicks the issue to Congress for debate over whether to re-institute previous sanctions.

Trump threatened during the presidential campaign to tear the pact up if he was elected.

If the US made a decision to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, it would be in breach of the JCPOA. Many Democrats believe that is more likely to happen if Congress does not act to make changes to the existing agreement.

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