Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
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LeBron James empathizes with Browns' troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon

LeBron James empathizes with Browns' troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon

The Browns do still hold his rights.

That was 2014, one year after Gordon led the National Football League in receiving yards and was named a Pro Bowler for the first time. According to, this was Gordon's fourth known trip to rehab. "I'm able to give this message and this opportunity for you to learn from my mistakes for me to tell them my story". "I thought I could keep on doing it and get away with it and get away with it".

During a 2013 campaign that saw him appear in 14 games, Gordon made 87 catches, led the league with 1,646 yards and reeled in nine touchdowns.

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Following the video's release, James tweeted his support of Gordon in his road to recovery and following the Cavs' 108-94 loss to the Bulls in a preseason game James explained why he felt the need to support an athlete that he has no relationship with.

Although some of the 2014 season in Cleveland included partying with former teammate Johnny Manziel, after being suspended indefinitely in 2015 for being a repeat offender, Gordon hit rock bottom.

He recounts the many times he used - and abused - drugs, and talked about how his failed drug tests were covered up by coaches at Baylor, which may be the most shocking yet unsurprising revelation of this entire piece.

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"I've used alcohol on many, many occasions, Xanax on many occasions, cocaine several occasions, marijuana most of my life, codeine, cough syrup, methazine is very prevalent where I'm from", Gordon admitted. They're not going to let you keep playing. Knowing he would be tested by the NCAA's drug compliance officers, his coach gave Gordon what he called "bottles of detox" and demonstrated how to consume them.

"That was my first real experience of that authority not really being taken serious because it was kind of being guided by somebody employed by the same university", Gordon says in the video.

"And then just something clicked in my head at that point, it's like 'man, you did it again".

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Josh Gordon was seemingly one of the luckiest players in the NFL. "You're willing to throw away everything you ever worked hard for, everything you ever had out of life.' It was so odd, but I just had a desire to stop", Gordon said. I had the desire to get help, invest myself 100% into whatever was going to help save my life.

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