Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
Science | By Nancy Frank

Alphabet's Pixel 2 XL Display Troubles Are Worse Than We Thought

Alphabet's Pixel 2 XL Display Troubles Are Worse Than We Thought

Google is "actively investigating" claims that the Pixel 2 XL has a screen burn-in issue.

A nightmare may be headed towards Google which concerns the newly launched Pixel 2 XL smartphone from the technology giant. However, for the fact that, the device still has a single camera incorporation and the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack has caused a lot of chaos in the fan base.

It's an issue that plagues many types of displays, from modern OLEDs to plasma screens and even old-fashioned CRTs, and was the original reason why people invented screen savers.

The Pixel 2 XL was launched earlier this month alongside the Google Pixel 2 at an event in San Francisco, each featuring improved cameras, specs and water resistance capabilities compared to the first Google Pixel smartphones released previous year.

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Year after year we hope Google gets its logistics act together (and discovers that the world consists of more than 6-7 countries), but maybe 2017 isn't the lucky one either. However, when the similar Questions was forwarded to the Google spokesperson, here are the official statements from the same.

"The Pixel 2 XL screen has been designed with an advanced POLED technology, including QHD+ resolution, wide color gamut, and high contrast ratio for natural and attractive colors and renderings".

If Google's investigations do confirm a widespread problem, the implications could extend beyond customers sending back their units for refund or fix.

Now a new issue has hit Google Pixel 2 XL - burn-ins.

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The screen problems may be isolated to a small batch of devices. Essentially, you end up with ghost images left behind on the screen.

When you look at a grey image in fullscreen, you can see a faint silhouette of the navigation bar at the bottom of the display, complete with outlines of the Back, Home, and Recent Apps soft keys. "We will provide updates as soon as we have conclusive data". LG's OLED screens just don't cut it. Which do you need for your phone?

The ball's in Google's court. Long term, if Google wants to topple Samsung as the premier maker of premium Android, it needs to make sure the Pixels aren't tainted with quality issues. Google's just learning the hard way that it's not that easy to make phones.

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