Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
World Media | By June Phelps

Kobach Defends Claim of New Hampshire Voter Fraud

Kobach Defends Claim of New Hampshire Voter Fraud

The commission is investigating the president's claim of voter fraud during the November election.

The president's strident postelection comments rile commission opponents, as does the presence of panel Vice Chairman Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state who has become a leading public face for the commission.

"New Hampshire people aren't accustomed to walking away or stepping down from their civic duty". "Regardless, in the Senate, it is highly likely that voting by nonresidents changed the result".

[Redacted] got a very disturbing phone call about the voter fraud commission that Vice President Pence is heading. He said Kris Kobach's suggestion that thousands of people had acted illegally when they registered to vote in New Hampshire using out-of-state licenses was a "reckless statement to make" and factually untrue.

In his day job as Kansas' secretary of state, where he plays the "Javert of voter fraud", Kobach complains that the media's response to his efforts to safeguard America's elections is a dismissive, "Move along, there's nothing to see here".

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The 2016 election brought the claim back to life.

Indeed state law allows someone to be domiciled in New Hampshire for voting purposes while a resident of another state. "To register with an out-of-state license, you still have to prove that you hold domicile in the state - using a utility bill or lease, for example, or by signing an affidavit affirming you actually live where you're trying to vote".

"Voter fraud in New Hampshire has gotten to the point of Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory". The other 5,526 individuals never obtained a New Hampshire driver's license. So let's stop and take a closer look. In part this was about serving more red meat to a base that is as bigoted and narcissistic as Trump is and also because we would end up with single party rule by Republicans if voting was restricted to men who believe they are entitled to all the benefits that come with white, male privilege.

Thousands of college and university students, previously residents of other states, registered to vote in New Hampshire under a state law that explicitly approved presentation of out-of-state driving licenses as certified proof of their identity.

Kobach argued the fraud was so rampant that it altered the outcome of the state's Senate race-and may have even been the decisive factor in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire victory.

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Voting experts say there is no evidence of voter fraud. "In so doing, the commission has made clear that they do not represent the diverse voices of Americans who care about voting but is instead focused on providing a platform for the extremist views of those who support voter suppression".

Tuesday's meeting drew protesters as the panel heard from speakers about voting trends and the extent voter fraud exists, something speakers from conservative groups like Judicial Watch and Heritage Foundation said was real.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is hoping the panel's work will put the issue to rest. With the growing threat of systemic hacking, along with gerrymandering, voter suppression, and ballot access challenges, which limit Americans' ability to cast their votes, there are some very real issues that threaten our elections and our democracy that need attention. Temple applied strict scrutiny to SB 3 because plaintiffs sued under the New Hampshire Constitution, which explicitly guarantees the right to cast a ballot. But Mr. Dunlap, the ME secretary of state, gave him no quarter, calling the fraud claim "a reckless statement" akin to claiming that a man with money in his wallet must have robbed a bank.

John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, also presented an idea of expanding the system that completes background checks for buying guns to voter registration, which drew skepticism from some members. The theory, which has been hawked by Trump himself, is that these voters sneaked over the border - or were even bused in! - from neighboring Democratic strongholds like MA or Vermont, in a huge conspiracy to swing the election.

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