Published: Sun, September 03, 2017
World Media | By June Phelps

Kim Jong-un 'inspects miniaturised H-bomb'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has supervised the loading of what state news media said was a hydrogen bomb into a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

The country's Supreme Leader is said to have inspected the device during a visit to the country's Nuclear Weapons Institute.

The report follows an agreement made on Friday between South Korea and the U.S. to strengthen Seoul's defenses and Washington gave a nod to billions in arms sales to the country, the White House said, days after North Korea fired a missile over Japan and threatened further launches.

"Our hydrogen fuel, which can be arbitrarily adjusted from tens of to hundreds of kilotons depending on the target of the nuclear strike, not only exerts enormous destructive power", but can also explode at a high altitude, producing a "super powerful EMP [electromagnetic pulse] against a vast region", it said.

Oklahoma shelters, deputies work to move abandoned animals from Houston
While these good pups are still searching for their forever home, they are just excited to be rescued from the storm. Until 2:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 2, all dogs now at the shelter and over six-months of age will be free to adopt.

For years now, the North has been relentlessly pursuing a program to develop a nuclear weapon small enough to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

In July, North Korea, claimed it tested two ICBMs which could potentially strike continental US.

The North conducted two nuclear tests past year alone.

Sunday's KCNA report on the new nuclear capability follows a week of escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Brazil manufacturing activity picks up in August -PMI
There was solid growth across the consumer, intermediate and investment goods sectors. A reading above 50 indicates expansion.

"Though we cannot verify the claim, (North Korea) wants us to believe that it can launch a thermonuclear strike now, if it is attacked".

North Korea watchers say that could be imminent.

South Korea responded to that test by staging a live-fire bombing drill simulating the destruction of North Korea's leadership.

Then on Saturday, the US and South Korea announced they have agreed "in principle" to revise a bilateral treaty that limits the weight and range of the South's ballistic missiles. There's speculation that such a test could come on or around the September 9 anniversary of North Korea's national founding, something it did previous year. Some experts, however, think the North may have mastered this technology.

Irma rapidly becomes major hurricane in mid-Atlantic
That said, all interests in those areas should monitor the progress of Irma closely for many days to come. After that the forecast track is anywhere from the Gulf of Mexico to staying out in the Atlantic.

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