Published: Sat, September 02, 2017
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Iran keeping within limits of nuclear deal

Iran keeping within limits of nuclear deal

Iran is honoring the terms of the JCPOA, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in its latest quarterly assessment on Thursday, according to news agencies that obtained the confidential six-page report. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the formal name for the Iran deal.

Diplomats said Macron's comments, in which he also stressed that the deal was "good", came amid concerns in Paris that U.S. President Donald Trump could walk away from the nuclear accord, which he has called "the worst deal ever".

The 2015 accord lifted worldwide sanctions against Iran in return for Tehran limiting its nuclear energy programme to ensure it can not be put to developing an atomic bomb.

A dispute broke out in the past week between Iran and the United States over whether the agency is allowed to access Tehran's military sites to detemine whether Iran is complying with the deal.

Reiterating that Iran will not be the first party to violate the deal, Rouhani noted that violations by other parties will be responded to in kind.

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It added that Iran "has not pursued the construction of the Arak. reactor", which could give it weapons-grade plutonium, and has not enriched uranium above low purity levels.

Najafi noted that the text of IAEA's new report resembled earlier ones and changes in it included technical developments such as producing heavy water and shipment of amounts overseas, increasing stockpile by 3.67 percent, replacing centrifuges and similar cases.

In the past, Iran has slightly exceeded its limit on heavy water. The plant producing the heavy water was shut for maintenance earlier this year and has now restarted, the IAEA said.

The Guardian this week cited former officials and analysts as saying that USA intelligence is under pressure from the White House to produce a justification to declare Iran in violation.

Haley had reportedly abstained from presenting any evidence to justify such inspections at her meeting with the IAEA in Vienna, the statement added.

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The IAEA has the authority to request access to facilities in Iran, including military ones, if there are new and credible indications of banned nuclear activities there, according to officials from the agency and signatories to the deal.

The IAEA is not thought to have requested any such visits, likely meaning that it has not seen or been given any information suggesting that any such activity has taken place.

But Iranian leaders this week said Iran will never allow the agency to access its military sites, and the USA demand to inspect them is only a "dream" that will never be realized.

Although Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany also signed on to the pact, Iran and the USA were the key players.

Most recently, French President Emmanuel Macron said his country saw "no alternative" to the agreement.

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