Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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Dusk-to-dawn curfew in effect for Monroe County after Hurricane Irma

Dusk-to-dawn curfew in effect for Monroe County after Hurricane Irma

When the storm came in, we saw some storm surge in Miami. Joining us now from Miami to tell us more is NPR's Greg Allen.

CNN meteorologist Judson Jones said the severity of the storm surge depended on which side of the storm Tampa was on.

The water reached record levels in many areas, with city officials tweeting that the St. Johns River flooding was the worst since 1846.

Although Miami is likely to escape a direct strike from Irma, the hurricane is tracking up Florida's west coast, it has still faced extensive damage. "This is a life-threatening situation", he said.

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"We've got all hands on deck". "This is the time to stay where you are".

Lee County said state and local Department of Transportation inspectors would check out the causeways to the coastal islands early Monday - and warned that "due to Hurricane Irma's significant wave action, the Sanibel Causeway may have been impacted". More than 270,000 customers of Duke and other utilities had been reported without power in the Carolinas Monday evening.

With weather deteriorating in South Florida, major hurricane-force winds are expected to be over the Florida Keys at daybreak Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

But on Saturday, all that changed when Irma's course shifted. This resulted in a northeast wind direction across Florida's Gulf Coast on Sunday morning. Petersburg area, once thought to be relatively safe from harm, suddenly found itself in the storm's crosshairs.

Floridians Rescue Trapped Manatees after Irma Sucks Water out of Bay
Hurricane Irma has already claimed at least four lives, as it batters Florida , having earlier killed 28 people in the Caribbean. Another Floridian, Marcelo Clavijo , also said he helped in the rescue of the manatees.

The White House said Trump's briefing included an update on Irma's status, forecasted path, evacuations and preparations for response and recovery.

Yes, it has at least some small chance of affecting the East Coast in six to eight days. And from there, it goes up the coast toward the Tampa, St. Pete area, which is on a very large bay - the Tampa Bay - which is a attractive area, but it's very susceptible to storm surge, one of the most susceptible areas to storm surge in Florida.

And keep in mind, while 30 to 40 mile an hour winds may not sound like much (compared to what Florida is seeing) but over a sustained period of time, they can bring down trees, which in turn, can bring down power lines.

"With @CityofTampa parks closed ahead of storm, this is the best we've got", Scheu wrote.

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