Published: Thu, August 24, 2017
Culture | By Marion Pratt

Taylor Swift, titan of pop music, announces new album

Taylor Swift, titan of pop music, announces new album

As EW recapped yesterday, Kim Kardashian went after the 1989 singer on National Snake Day with an impossible-to-miss slew of snake emoji and leaked video of a phone call between her husband Kanye West and Swift last July.

While she was soon flooded with replies from her excited fans, some were quick to question her choice in her album title's font, while others simply said: "Taylor is coming!"

Taylor Swift is finally offering some clarity - emphasis on some - to the snake videos she's been posting since Monday.

The first single from the album is out on Thursday night.

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Her new song will be eligible for next year's Grammys - but her album won't.


Swift found herself back in the public eye earlier this month when she delivered testimony in a trial against a former radio personality who she accused of groping her back in 2013.

But it's entirely possible she did not intend to announce the record just yet.

While the internet is going nuts trying to figure it out, most believe it's simply a well-thought out publicity stunt to announce her return to music. She's America's sweetheart and just needed a break while she wrote this album. Swift has noticeably changed up her look in recent years. The snake reared its terrifying head this morning, along with several Instagram posts revealing Reputation's black-and-white album cover.

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She followed up her video of an unidentified creature's tail to reveal, as fans had expected, the mystery reptile was a snake.

Crucially, and savvily, the release date is after the cutoff for 2018 Grammy consideration, extending its lifespan into the following year like Swift albums before it.

Without a doubt, Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now.

She is then expected to premiere the video at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, which will be hosted by her pop rival Katy Perry at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

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