Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Joan Schultz

No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update Released

No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update Released

Players who come close to each other will see their fellow travellers visualised as odd floating orbs, and will be able to travel with them and meet up on other planets. Interaction is limited, but you have local voice chat and could theoretically us the terrain editing Multi-Tool enhancements together. Players will need to be in close distance of one another for this to work, but with the addition of portals meeting up with friends online will now be a real possibility.

KitGuru Says: This update for No Man's Sky sounds huge but obviously, this studio has over promised and under delivered in the past so many will remain sceptical until the proof is shown.

One year since the launch of "No Man's Sky" and it is up for its third major update which will soon grace everyone with its presence. That's double the lore and interactions of the existing game. Included in this update are a number of improvements to the game including new ships, aliens, updated graphics, a new way of generating player missions, new places to explore including space derelicts and 30 hours of new story to dig into. Just over 12 months since launch, the game awaits its imminent Atlas Rises update-and Hello Games has now announced what we can expect.

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A terrain editor has also been added, as has a new mission agent offering up side tasks to be undertaken on a user's journey.

As stated in its official patch notes, Atlas Rises brings "a brand new and overhauled central storyline, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, joint exploration and more".

There's new exotic planet types to discover, while the quality of the different biomes have been improved, the exploration of which may uncover crashed freighters, which could be part of a salvage mission for Guild rewards.

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It pays to be a nosy parker in No Man's Sky.

While much of the leaked information was expected based on Murray's previous email to fans, the discovery of a patch notes section titled "Joint Exploration" suggests that multiplayer gameplay is finally being added to the title.

At this point it seems rather clear that No Man's Sky was released about two years too early. The monoliths have their own hieroglyphics, though, and you'll have to figure out the language to master portal-based travel. Full details can be found over here.

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