Published: Wed, July 05, 2017
Culture | By Marion Pratt

Tom Holland is ideal to play Spider-man: Robert Downey Jr

Tom Holland is ideal to play Spider-man: Robert Downey Jr

In advance of Spider-Man: Homecoming's release this weekend, Screen Junkies has released its Honest Trailer for the last solo Spidey outing - the not-so-beloved 2014 sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Depending on how Sony Pictures react to how Spider-Man: Homecoming does and how that benefits the studio, a renegotiation for the character's use in the MCU might be a possibility.

Here's the earlier trailer we had for the film, too.

Gas prices continue to drop in MA
The range in prices in the latest AAA survey for unleaded regular is 40 cents, from a low of $2.09 to a high of $2.49. Rockford's average price is $2.24 per gallon, which is five cents cheaper than last week's price.

The young actor admitted that he nearly cried when he found and read the early reviews about his film on Twitter and he also talked about the relationship between Peter Parker and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark.

The symbiote, created by David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mick Zeck, was first introduced in the comic books back in 1988 and is still a fan favourite villain and has appeared in other Marvel Comics including Iron Man, Deadpool and the Hulk.

Pacquiao loses belt to Horn in unanimous decision
That should get him another fight or two, though not at the rate of pay to which he's become accustomed. It looked as if his afternoon would be over but he somehow stayed upright and made it to his chair.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017. I think the most interesting thing about a young man's life is his journey from being a boy to a man, and imagine seeing that journey while having superpowers. For comparison, Tobey Maguire was 27 and Andrew Garfield was 28.

So despite the claim that Spidey would "lead" Phase 4, the suggestion there is very much that Marvel aren't planning for anything beyond that. Without having seen the movie yet, I have one complaint - don't you just hate trailers which make you feel as if you have seen it already?! "It's one of the best crowd pleasers in the Marvel oeuvre, and the best Spider-Man film so far".

Saudi King Cancels Participation In G20 Summit Due To Gulf Crisis
The official response of the Qatar government has been delivered by its Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani. The UAE ambassador to Russian Federation has said Qatar could face fresh sanctions if it does not comply with the demands.

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