Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
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RT Viral: 1 trillion ton iceberg breaks free from Antarctica (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

RT Viral: 1 trillion ton iceberg breaks free from Antarctica (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

"The calving of this iceberg leaves the Larsen C Ice Shelf reduced in area by more than 12 per cent, and the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula changed forever", they wrote.

The vulnerable chunk of ice reportedly weighs more than 1 trillion tons and measures a concerning 5,800 square kilometers (about 2,239 square miles). The iceberg is described as weighing 1 trillion tons (1.12 trillion USA tons).

A trillion-tonne iceberg, one of the biggest on record, has snapped off the West Antarctic ice shelf, according to scientists who have monitored the growing crack for months.

Scientists from the United Kingdom -based Antarctic project, MIDAS, have been monitoring the rift in Larsen C for years, following earlier research on the collapse of the Larsen A shelf in 1995 and the breakup of the Larsen B shelf in 2002.

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Or it could simply remain where it is (some have for up to 20 years), float away in one piece or break up into smaller icebergs.

Alas, the Swansea University scientists aren't blaming global warming or climate change just yet. This process could eventually lead to the loss of the entire Larsen C Ice Shelf.

"It's like your ice cube in your gin and tonic- it is already floating and if it melts it doesn't change the volume of water in the glass by very much at all", said Anna Hogg, a University of Leeds expert in satellite observations of glaciers. That means you would need about 21 million Titanic ships to make up the mass weight of this newly free iceberg.

On Wednesday, a USA satellite observed that an existing crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf appears to have broken through.

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The concern is that because ice shelves buttress the grounded ice behind them, when they collapse, the ice behind them accelerates toward the ocean, where it can add to sea level rise.

One of the biggest icebergs on record has broken away from Antarctica - and it could have devastating consequences.

Luckman, however, says there is no need for panic: The breakup of the ice shelf, if it happens at all, will take years or even decades. Satellite imagery incidated that the iceberg had calved.

A huge iceberg the size of Trinidad and Tobago has broken off an ice shelf in Antartica. "We're going to be watching very carefully for signs that the rest of the shelf is becoming unstable", said Dr. Martin O'Leary with Swansea University.

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