Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
Medical | By Rita Mcdonald

Those Who Lose Health Coverage Should Find Jobs

Those Who Lose Health Coverage Should Find Jobs

"These are not cuts to Medicaid", White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC News' "This Week". We're slowing the rate of growth.

"If you are now in Medicaid, if you became a Medicaid recipient during the Obamacare expansion, you were grandfathered in", Conway told Stephanopoulos. "So if you have an able-bodied American who again is not poor, sick, needy - we're not talking about the elderly who benefit, the children, the pregnant women, the disabled - if you're able-bodied and you would like to go find employment and have employer-sponsored benefits, then you should be able to do that, and maybe you belong, as Secretary Price has made clear, in other places". And while its still unclear exactly how the GOP healthcare bills now in legislation will effect both sick and able-bodied individuals now covered by Obamacare's expanded Medicaid coverage, this clip feels like something we might see aired over and over again for the next few years. Among Latino children, she said the rate dropped from 14.4 percent to 8.5 percent during the same two-year period.

Ms. Conway suggested that those who will lose coverage should work so that they can receive insurance from their employers.

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The Affordable Care Act ― Obamacare ― offered states extra federal matching funds to expand Medicaid eligibility, so that anybody with income below or just above the poverty line would qualify. "We're talking about in the future". "So that tells you something", Conway said.

"Well, you said everybody who is on Medicaid now is grandfathered in and is not going to face any cuts, and that simply is not factual if you have more than $800 billion in cuts", Stephanopolous said.

Though Donald Trump repeatedly promised not to cut Medicaid during his campaign, the Senate's plan would roll back Medicaid, and the federal government would contribute less money to the states participating in the program.

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"Obamacare took Medicaid, which was created to help the poor, the needy, the sick, disabled, also children and pregnant women, it took it and went way above the poverty line to many able-bodied Americans who. should at least see if there are other options for them". You yesterday on Sunday shows were saying that is not true, no cuts.

"They think Obamacare is a bad deal, as do the 20 million who opted out, 6.5 million who went and paid a penalty rather than get this great thing called Obamacare", Conway added.

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