Published: Mon, June 26, 2017
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Stars come out for European premiere of Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver'

Stars come out for European premiere of Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver'

Baby is the getaway driver on a handful of bank robberies and he's brilliant behind the wheel. Wright takes the "no honour among thieves" credo to its logical, lethal, and fatal extremes, and whenever Baby Driver needs to take a turn for the serious, no amount of fun, investment, or tension is lost because the characters are constantly moving and evolving throughout. He boosted his first auto at 12, but one day he makes the mistake of ripping off a vehicle filled with illegal goods owned by Doc (Spacey). Impressed with Baby's audacity and skill, Doc forces him to drive getaway cars to pay off the debt.

The song? "Easy" by the Commodores, one of Elgort's childhood favorites. Wright liked it so much that he included it in the movie. Debora gets dragged into the debacle.

CJ also made an appearance on the red carpet and used an interpreter to explain how he gave the 23-year-old tips during the shoot so the young actor could "put it in his soul".

Gonzalez, who plays Darling, a member of the heist gang, says the set could get insane, such as when they were filming a shootout to the song "Tequila". If somebody is a fan of mine, you know, I think about people I'm a fan of, and how I'd want to have an interaction with them.

Seoul Mulls Co-Hosting 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics With N Korea - Sports Minister
The countries considered co-hosting the 1988 Summer Olympics, but those plans fell through and North Korea boycotted the games. The complex would provide a world-class venue for outdoor events likes skiing and snowboarding.

The standout actor for me was Elza Gonzalez who plays Hamm's gun-toting girlfriend Darling. [Wright] said that's what won me the role: just seeing me jam out to something while also being freaked out about this dude being dead.

Talking about her cast mates, the bombshell had nothing but praise.

"In a room where all the energy is very masculine".

Asked whether the experience gave him goosebumps, the Hollywood movie-maker admitted: "Yes, absolutely!"

Japan says no to THAAD battery as China announces drills
Korea temporarily suspended the Thaad deployment, citing a need for an environmental impact assessment of the USA missile shield. Trump has called for the total isolation of North Korea and has also threatened force.

The film was originally set in Los Angeles, but Wright and his team overhauled the script after changing the shooting location to Atlanta. The things I learned from Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx...

The director felt it worked out, however, because while both are vehicle cities, the southern metropolis still leans toward the big-powered gas-guzzlers.

While Elgort is best known for starring as Gus in weepy teen romance "The Fault in Our Stars" and as Caleb in the "Divergent" film series, he grew up in New York's dance and musical theater scene. Also, I felt the epilogue was a unusual combination of realistic and unrealistic - not quite the euphoric air-punching finale I was hoping for after two hours of build-up.

Considering all the muscle cars "Baby Driver", does that make him a auto guy? "And I made some really great friends this time".

Reason why Costa may not leave Chelsea this summer
The new deal will see Conte earn between £9.5m and £10m a year, making him the best-paid manager in the club's history. FRANK LAMPARD claims a new contract for Antonio Conte will be Chelsea's most important signing this summer.

"It would have to be something wonderful if I did anything that was a franchise or a sequel ever again", he says. I thought the guy was so nice. I love being onstage and doing a scene and getting out that one line, that beat, that pause, and all else is quiet, and you can hear the electricity hum.

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