Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
Science | By Nancy Frank

Final Fantasy XV: Big Announcements to Come at Gamescom

Final Fantasy XV: Big Announcements to Come at Gamescom

Called Regalia Type-D, it lets you drive all over the place and make some sweet jumps.

Coming as part of update 1.12 alongside the release of Episode Prompto, it fixes a common complaint from launch - why can't you take the Regalia off-road?

AP analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016
Missouri's redistricting office analyzed the new House districts in 2011 by applying a decade of past election results. Democratic House Minority Leader David Toscano said the reason why more Democrats are running this year is obvious.

With Final Fantasy 15's Episode Prompto DLC already being available in some regions, players have been able to unlock a teaser for the next DLC.

The Final Fantasy XV 1.2 update is live, bringing an off-road upgrade to the Regalia.

John Oliver Tears Into the Rise of Anti-Vaxxers
And that leads to crises like a Somali community in Minnesota where there has been a recent outbreak. He said: "Most of the fear surrounding vaccines stems from their supposed link to autism".

It appears you can not drive the Type-D into a lake. Additionally, the new update makes music from the upcoming Episode Prompto available to listen to on the vehicle radio.

A trailer appears after the story expansion is finished, which not only reveals a December 2017 release date, but also shows a scene from when Ignis was separated from the rest of the party.

The Secret Republican Plan to Unravel Medicaid
About 10 million of the estimated 22 million disabled adults in America ages 18 to 64 depend on services that Medicaid provides. The bill deepens the $880 billion in cuts to Medicaid that were proposed in the House version.

Ofuji-san was backed by Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata, whose statement is more straightforward about the announcements made (or otherwise) during E3: "I want to put out some good news during Gamescom".

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