Published: Fri, May 26, 2017
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Trump's budget reportedly puts Medicaid and children's health funding in crosshairs

Trump's budget reportedly puts Medicaid and children's health funding in crosshairs

Efforts to derail the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the American Health Care Act threatens to reverse years of steady job gains in Ohio's health care sector and put the broader statewide economy at risk.

That could hit hospitals hard, since presumably numerous people who would go to hospitals for care not covered by their insurance would be unable to pay for it out of their own pockets, leaving hospitals to pick up the tab.

On Medicaid, both fiscal sanity and low-income Americans' need for a sustainable safety net suggest the Senate should keep the AHCA's per-enrollee funding caps and the work requirements.

Too many Republicans have been trained by repetition to hate "Obamacare", yet they are blissfully unaware that the Affordable Care Act is based on a MA plan developed by Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, which they liked.

Indian arrested in Pakistan for not carrying travel documents, says report
Following the sentence, India took the case to the International Court of Justice ( ICJ ), urging it to suspend Jadhav's sentence. Their comments came after ICJ stayed Jadhav's execution and also endorsed Indian request for consular access to him.

President Trump's proposed budget includes cutting more than $800 billion from Medicaid, and some Colorado health officials are concerned the move could reverse progress made by a pilot program that has managed to improve health outcomes and cut costs. The ACA requires everyone have insurance, but provides subsidies for those who can't afford it.

"We'll use that sort of as a backdrop against which to plan some of our Senate options", said No. 3 Senate GOP leader John Thune of South Dakota. The AHCA would lump these people in "high-risk pools".

Addressing the criticisms the AHCA has received, Roskam maintained that the legislation is a responsible alternative to the ACA that will maintain protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The House bill would allow them to charge five times as much. Opponents note, however, that the bill would reduce ACA subsidies that help people pay for coverage.

That doesn't just turn back the clock on the ACA, it fundamentally endangers the seniors, women, children, and people with disabilities who have depended on the Medicaid program for over 50 years.

Branstad-Reynolds transition of power
Governor, Kim Reynolds has been a steadfast advocate for renewable fuels", said Monte Shaw, executive director of the IRFA. I look forward to working with her next session to make Iowa a great place to raise a family or grow a business.

The CBO is expected to issue a new analysis of the GOP bill Wednesday.

But another change might have more far-reaching effects: eliminating the Affordable Care Act's "essential health benefits", or EHBs.

"My opinion, and that of many others, is that a work requirement (and lifetime benefit limit) that will cause people to lose coverage is not something that is consistent with the goals of the Medicaid program, which is essentially to provide health care", Solomon said. Medicaid helps cover such things as personal care, assistive technology, ramps, shower bars, therapies (occupational, speech, physical), group homes and independent living, educational services that allow students to receive a free, appropriate education, and job development and placement and on-the-job support, to name a few.

Those provisions included waivers states could get for insurers to raise premiums on some people with pre-existing conditions, and to ignore health benefits that must be covered under Obama's law. Medicaid cuts would total $880 billion over 10 years. It also would force people who opt for bare-bones coverage to pay out-of-pocket for services they unexpectedly need. With this in mind, we wonder if future parents of children with Down syndrome will share McMorris Rodgers' confidence regarding the availability of health care for their sons and daughters.

Former CIA chief says he warned Moscow over election hacking
He said he was concerned because he knows that Russians try to get individuals, including US persons, to act on their behalf. Brennan didn't come out and detail evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation .

Let them have what they voted for.

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